Friday, April 2, 2010

Diary has a new home...

Dear Diary,

Finally you've got a new home...

Friday, December 18, 2009

Dafont in your pocket ;)

Dear Diary,

I am really excited about my new app...

The entire Dafont database on your iPhone!!!

All the fonts that you'll ever need, right just in your iPhone !!!
Have you ever wished to see your logo or message written with several fonts to decide which one fits best (and all that while you're on the go)?

Well... good news !

FinDaFont, lets you search the entire Dafont ( database (which is really awesome!), browse through its categories, preview fonts with your own custom message, bookmark them and even send them by email wherever you wish!

* FinDaFont is actually the ONLY app in the store right now that enables the user to preview fonts that are not installed in the iPhone!

Features in this version
- Entire Dafont database ready for searching - Custom text for font previews - Bookmarking of selected fonts for future use

- Send any font by email (with preview image and zipped font files) without leaving the app

NOTE: -----
- Internet connection required to use the app (edge/3G/WiFi) - Please use only latin characters for custom text [this is a limitation of Dafont actually] Many thanks to Rodolphe from for his great site !


iTunes link: FinDaFont

Watch the demo !

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Diary's first iPhone App - Check it out

Dear Diary,

The first iPhone app is on the store finally :)

VA.acoustics Toolbox -----------------
This application is a set of tools for audio engineers / audio hobbyists. Consists of 3 high-quality tools:

1. Harmonics Calculator
With this tool the user is able to calculate the fundamental/1st/2nd/3d Harmonics for a given room. This is extremely helpful in case that room resonance and static Harmonics must be taken into account for a set-up. Room can be specified in Meters or Feet.

2. Tempo Finder
Tempo Finder is a precise instrument for calculating the tempo of a musical piece, just by tapping along. The tool also indicates the actual musical term for current tempo.

3. Delay Calculator
The Delay calculator of this toolbox, lets the user set a tempo and then calculates the correct delay values (in seconds) for the following intervals: -Fourth notes -Eighth notes -Sixteenth notes -Dotted Fourth notes -Dotted Eighth notes -Dotted Sixteenth notes -Fourth Triplets -Eighth Triplets -Sixteenth Triplets Is the perfect tool for setting the studio delay units with razor-sharp precision.

You can purchase it on the AppStore here: VA.acoustics

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Photoshop "magic" - WTF !!!??

Dear Diary,

Something really weird just happened...

I wanted to design some icons for representing bank notes (euros), so I thought that would be a good idea to find some images of them on the web and use them as templates.

But this is when it starts to feel that Adobe's guys have put some kind of hocus-pocus code into Photosop...

Here is the screenshot I got...

Scary stuff...

Ps. @any-wise-guy---> The banknote image was screencaptured from a website that provided its thumbnail in flash form... so... not a chance to have embedded information in it ;)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Monkey Island is BACK !!!

Dear Diary,

This is extremely good news !

Monkey Island is officially back again !

After so many years, with all these fans screaming for a new game, finally LucasArts decided to do something about it.

So, these guys prepare a remake of the original Monkey Island game (which is an all-time favorite for all of us I believe).

Some of key features :

- Full high definition hand drawn graphics

- 'oice o'er (voice over for the whole game :P)

- Remastered music score. Live instruments.

- Enhanced gameplay, hints for puzzles and more...

Visit LucasArts website for more info here

The second surprise is that TellTale games (with Lucas's blessings) is actually preparing... 5 more episodes of genuine Monkey Island action !!!

Visit the site here

And all this is going to be started very very soon....

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

TED Milestone - Subtitles

Dear Diary,

Coincidences sometimes are amazing....

Some weeks ago, I sent a comment to TED proposing that TEDsters all over the world could be contribute to help translate these amazing talks.

Although I didn't receive a response from the team (I can understand why :P ) I was extremely happy to see that TED is finally going this way !

I believe that subtitles will definitely help to spread the ideas...

Well done TED!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Automate this...

Dear Diary,

Since I am uploading many vector files to Shutterstock, I came up with an automated solution for creating the 500px thumbnails that you have to upload along with the vector file.

Is a simple automator application for Mac OSX.

Just drag your files on the application, and then a folder will be created on your desktop with the thumbnails on it !

I hope it will be useful to some of you out there :)

Download it by pressing here
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