Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Diary's first iPhone App - Check it out

Dear Diary,

The first iPhone app is on the store finally :)

VA.acoustics Toolbox -----------------
This application is a set of tools for audio engineers / audio hobbyists. Consists of 3 high-quality tools:

1. Harmonics Calculator
With this tool the user is able to calculate the fundamental/1st/2nd/3d Harmonics for a given room. This is extremely helpful in case that room resonance and static Harmonics must be taken into account for a set-up. Room can be specified in Meters or Feet.

2. Tempo Finder
Tempo Finder is a precise instrument for calculating the tempo of a musical piece, just by tapping along. The tool also indicates the actual musical term for current tempo.

3. Delay Calculator
The Delay calculator of this toolbox, lets the user set a tempo and then calculates the correct delay values (in seconds) for the following intervals: -Fourth notes -Eighth notes -Sixteenth notes -Dotted Fourth notes -Dotted Eighth notes -Dotted Sixteenth notes -Fourth Triplets -Eighth Triplets -Sixteenth Triplets Is the perfect tool for setting the studio delay units with razor-sharp precision.

You can purchase it on the AppStore here: VA.acoustics

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