Friday, December 18, 2009

Dafont in your pocket ;)

Dear Diary,

I am really excited about my new app...

The entire Dafont database on your iPhone!!!

All the fonts that you'll ever need, right just in your iPhone !!!
Have you ever wished to see your logo or message written with several fonts to decide which one fits best (and all that while you're on the go)?

Well... good news !

FinDaFont, lets you search the entire Dafont ( database (which is really awesome!), browse through its categories, preview fonts with your own custom message, bookmark them and even send them by email wherever you wish!

* FinDaFont is actually the ONLY app in the store right now that enables the user to preview fonts that are not installed in the iPhone!

Features in this version
- Entire Dafont database ready for searching - Custom text for font previews - Bookmarking of selected fonts for future use

- Send any font by email (with preview image and zipped font files) without leaving the app

NOTE: -----
- Internet connection required to use the app (edge/3G/WiFi) - Please use only latin characters for custom text [this is a limitation of Dafont actually] Many thanks to Rodolphe from for his great site !


iTunes link: FinDaFont

Watch the demo !


Tasos Kandris said...

Πολύ καλή προσπάθεια. Συνέχισε με τον ίδιο ενθουσιασμό!!! :)

Anonymous said...

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