Monday, January 26, 2009

Nick Said : Me and the Mask


Dear Diary,

From now on a second voice is going to draw mind-curved lines into your pages.
Nick's voice...

Let's have a listen...

Me and the Mask

Two days ago while I was browsing here and there for ways to earn some cash through the internet, suddenly stumbled upon FaceGen Modeller from Singular Inversions. I recommend you to download the free version and maybe take a look at it for a minute or two. It is definitely not special. It’s just a simple tool that makes 3dimensional human faces. Quite racist if you ask me since humans are categorized by their skin color and ethnicity, others might find this categorization interesting :P 

The free version of the program was abandoned somewhere on my desktop, lost behind useless pdfs, jpgs and unfinished projects. Today I remembered it again and installed it. After I played for about 10 minutes I got bored and maybe frustrated a bit, since things are not as easy as the tutorial and all these videos on youtube suggest. I only suggest the Imagefit feature, it is pretty cool. I then started looking for information about human faces in general and I stumbled upon the mathematical constant Φ. This number is used by many arts and sciences in a human need for beauty and pleasure. Architecture, music, painting and many, many other.
Some wannabe (?) scientists have moved the study of this constant further. They created a face mask based on this magic number. You can find the mask below.

I wanted to wear this mask so I decided to do this digitally.

Things went pretty bad from that moment on. I was always suspicious about my looks and the way they influenced my love life. To be honest, the opposite sex never gave a second look to me. Since now I used to believe this was due my intellectual poverty, my empty wallet or maybe because I was a huge Heavy Metal fan. A punch hit my stomach. All these now look like advantages considering the relationship I developed with The Mask. 
An even stronger punch hit my stomach (and possibly made me cry a bit) when I used the mask on my ex’s face. There was an almost perfect fit. Reasons why she dumped me finally got in order. 

Finally I decided to ‘change’ my photos and maybe upload them to a dating site. What do you think?

P.S. FaceGen in quite fun

Me inside Facegen

Wearing the Mask
The Mighty Mask

Ready for the Dating Service

Friday, January 23, 2009

Creative Advertisement

Dear Diary,

Creativity is a funny thing...
Probably is the only good thing big companies have done to our modern culture, regarding art. Or at least some nice ideas to get inspired...

Some eyecandies below :)









Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Master of illustrator - Bringing vectors to life

Dear diary,

Ok, when I first saw the works of this guy (Yukio Miyamoto) I was struggling to keep my jaw from falling on the floor. I mean... these works are really a huge step ahead, in means of photo-realism. Then I must confess that really crossed my mind to uninstall Illustrator and become a farmer maybe :P

But the time passed, I did grow as a designer (at least I would like to believe so), learned a few tips and tricks and finally realised that it is not impossible to achieve such level of detail on illustrations, without spending of course millions of hours in front of a computer monitor.

So, I plan to post a little tutorial regarding this technique, but meanwhile enjoy the Master himself...

(All images copyrighted by Yukio Miyamoto)
(You can visit his web portfolio here)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Quote of the Day

"Atheism is a non-prophet organisation" - George Carlin
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