Thursday, June 4, 2009

Monkey Island is BACK !!!

Dear Diary,

This is extremely good news !

Monkey Island is officially back again !

After so many years, with all these fans screaming for a new game, finally LucasArts decided to do something about it.

So, these guys prepare a remake of the original Monkey Island game (which is an all-time favorite for all of us I believe).

Some of key features :

- Full high definition hand drawn graphics

- 'oice o'er (voice over for the whole game :P)

- Remastered music score. Live instruments.

- Enhanced gameplay, hints for puzzles and more...

Visit LucasArts website for more info here

The second surprise is that TellTale games (with Lucas's blessings) is actually preparing... 5 more episodes of genuine Monkey Island action !!!

Visit the site here

And all this is going to be started very very soon....

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