Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Awful Truth Part II

Dear Diary,

My second attempt was a bit tricky...

I wanted to investigate, wether you can get area-light soft reflections on a reflective/transparent object, with everyday equipment...

Here are the results...

{ f14 - 90mm - 30" } { shot in total darkness / no ambient light }

Unlike my previous post, I have post-processed the final image a little bit in Photoshop (straighten, vignette, noise reduction, white balance, gradient filter, saturation and some minor brush adjustments to increase contrast)

Of course the image itself is not anything special, but what I realised (once more) is that you do not need all this super-equipment in order to take good looking pictures. More experimentation of course can always push the results on a higher level of quality.

The original out-of-the-camera image:

And of course... The Auful Truth behind it :

Ps. Here, an iPhone used to provide the main soft white light & reflection, a mini reading light used to provide a circular gradient of back-light in order to create the black outlines of the sides of the bottle and the old cellphone used as a fill light (i used it to "light-paint" the left side while the shutter was open for the whole 30 seconds)

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